And So It Begins.....

Well, it's happened!! After much thinking, a little planning, and some encouragement from a good friend of mine, I have decided to start my own blog!!!!!!! I know, I know you can hardly contain your excitement, I feel the same way!! Just stay tuned as I keep you informed on what is going on with me as I live the good life here in Sunny Southern California! From time to time I will also be taking you on a little trip down my memory lane as I share different things from my past. (Now before some of you start getting really nervous, the secrets we both promised to keep to our deaths, those are completely safe here, this is not a tell all just a sharing of some things that have happened along my journey ok? now breath!)

So sit down, buckle up and get ready..........here we go...... A Texan in LA, a southern boy living
the good time in Sunny, Southern California!

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