Update On Andy...

Well when we last left Andy (my car remember?) I had been told by the insurance company that he was a total loss. Now if you look at him sitting there on the road in front of the house, you notice a little dimple in the side panel and the scratches on his bumper from the impact and truly that is about all. Well I found out today from Cheryl at the insurance company that Andy actually had $7,826 worth of damage to him, underneath the car!!!!! The frame is bent along with a LOT of other things. It made me sad.

BUTTTTT!!!!!!!! the good news is they are going to pay him off. I was SO afraid they wouldn't. So now, I get to go out and look for something else, and to be honest with you, I think I may have already found him, and he comes in metallic orange!!!!
I can hear your thought now, "why does that not surprise me?"

I'll keep you updated!



davidi92260 said...

Orange is good. Lemon is bad;-)

Anonymous said...

And what will his name be? Maybe Flame? LOL