Now Where Was I ? O Yeah, Valentines Day..

Yeah I know, I am a little behind on my posts and I am sorry for that. Have tried to think of a good reason, and well, life has just been getting in the way (well that sound pretty impressive huh?) Actually my work has been so very busy these past few weeks I haven't had the energy when I get home. Hopefully now that we are on Daylight Saving Time (YEA!!)I will have more energy!

So before I go on to other things, I wanted to let you know how our Valentines Day at Disney went. We actually decided to go to California Adventure first. There are several things we always do at California Adventure when we go to the parks, Soaring Over California(my favorite ride!)and the new Toy Story Ride,another of our favorites(Sorry Buzz Lightyear). This time I really lucked out and beat Patrick. We get really competitive on these kinds of rides!

The thing that really surprised us when we got there is...both parks were PACKED!
And I mean packed. If you have ever been there during Christmas, it was like that.
We had thought since the economy is not good right now they may be slow,but let me tell you, there is no recession at Disneyland!! Because it was so packed we decided to just stay at California Adventure since we were coming back to Disneyland for my birthday (March 18!!). We had a really good time as always and were both tired when we finally left the park. On the way out we had ice cream at the Burr-bank Ice Cream Shoppe, which we recommend!! lol.

It was a very nice way to spend Valentine Day together!


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