Momma Knows Best...

Hang On!! Here We Go................

Well here we are, first of day of 2009! I don't know about you but I am very excited about this year. As I said in my previous post, 2008 was not one of my favorite years. And even though I am starting the new year on kinda of a down not with my car being totaled, I think this year has the promise for many good changes to come.

Well Christmas is OVER at the Lee-Neff household. The trees are down and all the decoration are packed back in their boxes and put away in what we loving call, the Christmas Shed. Yes we have so many Christmas decorations they have their very own storage shed where they live all year long until it is time to drag them out and make everything look beautiful once again. We would usually wait another week to do this after we got up and go going this morning, we thought today was the perfect day.
We had a pretty queit day around here. We slept in some, went to dim sum with Patrick's family and them came home and started on de-Christmasizing the house. With both of us working at it, it didn't seem to take long. But one of us had to have a nap, won't say which one it was except that it wasn't me, so that did slow things down just a tad. Now Patrick is over watching "The Dark Knight" with the kids and I am going to go upstairs in a little while and watch "Second Hand Lions". A great way to start off the New Year, mostly vegging.

Hope you will stay tuned this year and I have some ideas for some different kinds of post on here. When I first started this blog it was a way for me to share with you all about my adventures as I check out different places and LA and around Southern California. I will be doing more of that as I venture out and I will be sharing some places I discovered this past year but did not get to share with you, so please hang in there with me and PLEASE, leave a comment so I will know someone is actually reading this!!

Have a fun weekend and I hope this year will bring each of you fun and excitement as we experience this new year together!!