Starting A Whole New Week....

If you are like me, without really thinking, you just consider Monday as the start of your week. Guess we do that since Monday is our first day of work for the new work week.
But today I got to thinking about it and yes indeed, Sunday is the first day of the week! For me, just thinking about it like that kinda changed how I look at this new week. Like most of you, I tend to dread Mondays. Monday is really and truly my roughest day of the week, work wise that is. I am always saying if I can get through Monday, the rest of the week is a breeze. How Monday turns out usually sets how the rest of my week is gonna run, as far as work goes that is.

But in line with that kind of thinking, if the rest of my week goes how my day went today, then let me tell you, I am headed into a really great week. I started out my
day today by driving over to Long Beach and sitting on the bluff over looking the ocean and watching what was going on. You all know I LOVE the beach so getting to start out my day like that was awesome. I watched the people running on the beach, riding their bikes, walking their dogs. I got to see dolphins playing the water and I watch a guy (well I guess it was a guy) in a kayak paddle along the shore and getting an up close look at the dolphins playing. After a while I headed over to pick up my friend Phillip, who lives in Long Beach, and we headed out to breakfast. We over to a place I had not been to before called the Coffee Cup Cafe. It was such a fun place.

It is a very popular place to so as we waited for our table, Phillip and I caught up on what has been going on with us. The menu selection is huge and the food is really good.

Phillip and I decided to drive over to San Pedro and just hang out some so after we drove along the beach and visit the White Bluff Park, we found ourselves at the Ports O Call. The Ports O Call is built right on the water and is comprised of all kinds of shops and eateries. The last time I visited there several years ago, about half of the shops were closed, but it was really good to see all the different shops open and the place was so busy!!

So after that I dropped Phillip back at this place and headed home for a much needed Sunday afternoon siesta! So if today is any indication as to how this week is going to go for me...I am gonna have a really great week!!! Hope you do too!