Happy 2010!! (a few days late)

Well here we are..aleady at the end of the first week of 2010...thankfull this week did not seem to totally fly by like they did in 2009...I want 2010 to hang around for a little while, I have things I want to do this year!!

Our New Year's eve was nice, we stayed home like we have for the last few years, we had the neice and newphew over and also our BFF Timmy. Patrick had to work a little later than usual but we still had enough time to eat and watch some TV before the big moment arrived. This is the time we usually exchange gifts with Timmy and this year was no different. We always have alot of fun doing it on New Years Eve, it is almost like having 2 Christmas's!! I have to say I am soooo excited with what
he got me this year. He got me a gift cerificate to Esotouric Bus Adventures!!!!!
I hear you saying WOW!!...what the hell is an Estouric Bus Adventure???
Well let me tell you!...It is a bus tour of different kind...and each on has to do wih something bout LA. Like the Black Dahlia Tour..which is about the unsolved 1947 murder of Elizabeth Short, except this tour it follows her sad, solitary life in post war LA. They have many different tours, you really should to over to www.esotouric.com and when check them out. I first heard about them last year when I was attending the Downtown LA Art Walk and have really wanted to take one of them, so now I get too...and Timmy is coming along so I KNOW it will be fun.

Getting back into the regular routine at work after having 3 weeks of only working 3 days a week was a little rough, not only for me but everyone in our office, including the Docs! But we made it, my next scheduled Holiday is not until May, but I am sure I will sneak a day off in there somewhere, probably around my Birthday in March. One sad note for me at work is, my best buddy at work, Jill, gave her notice and will be leaving us this coming Tuesday. I will really miss her, she was working there when I started and besides helping train me, we because good friends too.
She even taught me how to ride the Bus here in LA one night after work!!! I still have my other buddy, Nancy, and I am sure the new person and I will get along fine, aleast one can hope!!

So here we are....starting off a whole new year and a hold new decade. Looking back over the last 10 years I am amazed at the life changing things that happened in my life...in 2000 I met Patrick (talk about life changing!!),in 2002 I left the desert after almost 16 yeard to move to LA to be with him, in 2004 we had our Wedding, in
2006 my Mom passed away, in 2007 I started what will most probably be the last job in my work career(they have made me promise to stay with them till I retire,at the age of 70). Also over these a past 10 years I have met some of the nicest people I have ever had the privelge of knowing and I have added so many members to my Chosen Family. I can't help but wonder what the next 10 years is holding in store!!