Summertime in January.....

For those of you who read my blog and do not live in Southern California, let me let you in on something..IT HOT HERE!! Yes,I know alot of the Country is experiencing zero tempts and below, but not here in good old Southern Californa, we are having a taste of Summer time in January.

Also for those of you who may not know, being at the beach on any day of the week, is my most favorite thing in the whole wide world, ok well second most favorite thing, not telling you what my favorite thing is, but I bet it high on your list too!! So after all the stress that has been going on around here the last few weeks with the car thing, I decided last Sunday to go down to the ocean for awhile. Now I am not lying at all when I say we have been having some REALLY beautiful weather the last week or so. Last Sunday was just wonderful, clear skies and warm tempts. So after breakfast, Taffie and I headed west on our first little road trip together.

One of the places I really enjoy going is White Point Bluffs on San Pedro. I am going to be doing a post with pictues very soon about the park there, but on Sunday
I went to the Bluffs. It was just tremendous. You could see Catalina Island, and some small fishing boats and sail boats. After hiking the short way from the road to the bluffs, I just sat down and took it all in. I watched some seals playing in the water and a whole bunch of dolphins swimming around playing and eating. Someone told me it was whale migrating season, but I did not see any whales. I have before, but not on Sunday.

After setting there for an hour or so, I decided I needed to get something to eat, so I drove into San Pedro and got a Subway sandwich and drove back to the beach area but this time I went to another favorite spot, the Korean Bell park.(again, another post!) I sat on the bluff over looking the ocean and ate my sandwich with a couple of new found buddies, 2 seagulls. I kept an eye on them and they were keeping an eye on my sandwich and chips!

It was really a wonderful, stress relieving morning. It was so relaxing, I drove home and too a nap!!


All The Pretty Colors!!

My friend Timmy posted this pic on my MY Space page the other day ! See all the pretty colors that Taffi comes in!!!!! I bet you would have had a hard time deciding to!!!

White Is The New Orange

I know in a previous post or two I told you I had my eye on a replacement for Andy, AND I told you the one I had my eye on was a metallic orange (which surprised no one!) well, I did find Andy's replacement, and it is the car I really wanted to get BUT, He's White!! Yes I know White is a LOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNGGGGGG way from Metallic Orange but once I say him, I knew. Well to be honest, not really, you can ask Patrick, I had a hard time making up my mind when I saw all these different colors sitting side my side on the sales lot. Some colors were easy to rule out like black, grey,red (as much as I love red,this particular red did nothing for me), the dark blue was pretty but not really me. THEN I saw this really nice light blue that was really nice but when we came to the white one, it was REALLY purtty. So after a little battle in my head (sorta like the one that happens when you are going out on a Saturday night and just can't chose which shirt to wear!!), I chose the white one.
And I an really glad I did.

So without further ado, I would like to introduce you to Taffi, my new 2009 Honda Fit Sports Coupe!!! He is really wonderful with more bells and whistles on him than I have had time to figure out. I have never had a Honda before but I would HIGHLY recommend them to everyone. After visiting a dealership or two and test driving one, we ended up in West Covina at Norm Reeves Honda. Our saleperson, Louis, was wonderful. No pressure, no sales pitch, he was seriously like someone we had know for awhile who was helping us buy a car. In a little less than two hours from the time we arrived, we were driving away with Taffi. I was really afraid with the way the economy is right it might be an nightmare to get him financed,but nope, a good price with an amazing low interest rate.

I will be posting some more pics of him later, but I really wanted to introduce him
to everyone!!


ps..I think you should all know...His real name is Billy...Taffi is his Drag name>