Pictures Past...

After my Mom passed away, I inherited alot of photos of my past. I have tried to sort them out before and get them scanned into my computer and put into photo albums, but to be honest, seeing all the old images and remembering when and where they were taken became a little too painful for me so I just packed them all way. But recently I have felt the need to try and do it once again, we will see how far I get this time. But I came across a couple today that made me smile alot.
One of them I do not remember but one I do. The first one is of me and my Dad, actually it was the first picture he and I ever took together. My Mom told me he was so proud when I was born, I was his first boy! (My Mom had been married before and had my sister, but Daddy always considered her his daughter).

The second picture is of me on my 6th birthday. I am standing at our kitchen table in Silsbee. My Mom baked my cake. One thing I remember that you can not tell from that picture, the table top was BRIGHT red, I so loved that table and chairs.

Mmmmm Mmmmm GOOD!!

A peanut butter sandwich, bag of potato chips, a banana and a diet coke....is that not a great breadfast or what???!!!!!