A Little Time Away Does A Body Good.....

One day back in April, I realized I needed to take a few day off from the office and recharge my batteries so to speak. Not that I struck or screamed at any of our patient's or anything, but I had gotten off the phone with one of our patients who had called me for the third time that day about something I could to help her with, and I realized I was a little aggrivated with her, something I usually do not let happen. It was then I realized I need to step away from the office and the phones and the patients for just a few days and recharge. So that afternoon, I requested May 20,21, and 22 off , Wednesday-Friday, that would give me a nice littel get a way for 5 days, and then I realized we had Monday off too for Memorial Day so that would be 6 days!!!!! even better.

So when the time came for my time off, I really did not have any real plans of what I was going to do..and that was a good thing! Patrick did not take anytime off during this time, he is going to take a few days in June. So what did I do on my first day of my mini-vaca? slept in to close to noon!! Now for those of you who have know me for awhile, you know I never sleep in like that, but it was great, just what I needed. The rest of that day I spent going to lunch, going over to Glendale to the Brand Library/Museum (www.brandlibrary.org) and that is about it. I was home when Patrick got home and we just veged here at the house.

The next day I did the one thing I had actually planned to do on my days off...went to the Laguna Art Museum.(www.lagunaartmuseum.org) Of all the museums I like to go to, this one is by far my favorite. My favorite Artists are the early California Artist from the late 1800s to the 1960s. The Laguna Art Museum only show work from these Artist's and it is a beautiful Museum too. So I drove over and toured the Museum for several hours and then went to a park close by that over looks the ocean and ate the lunch I had brought with me. It was a spectaluar day to be in Laguna. I decided to drive Hwy 1 back home so I could stay close to the ocean and to see what it was like along the way. It was a great drive. (something to know if you go to Laguna...there are parking meter everywhere and they only take quarters. It is a dollar an hour,for those meters along Hwy 1. The meters on the side streets over looking the ocean...are $2 an hour!!)

I got up Sunday morning and I really did not have anything planned to do and Patrick was going to be away for the day. I knew I did not want to spend another day at home so I decided to go to see my old friend (only old in that we have know each for for a number of years!!) in Joshua Tree, Patrick #1.(Now for those of you who do not know, Patrick #1 and I were in a relationship in the early 1990's. We were actually together for about 2 years. After we ended our relationship we have always remained the best of friends. So as to distinguish between my ex and my Husband, we call the ex Patrick #1) The last time I had been out to see him I had left my somethings there so I thought it would a nice day to drive out. Before I left it was decide I would just stay over and come back the next day. Patrick #1 and I had a nice time,
he lives 17 miles outside of Joshua Tree in the middle of no where. The peace and quiet where he lives is truly wonderful. Another great thing about where he lives is all the stars you can see at night!! We ended up driving into town and having Pizza, coming back to his house and watching the movie "Latter Days". The next day I met up with my BFF, Goya,in Palms Springs for lunch before I headed back to LA.

It was really a great few days off. I got alot of rest and got to visit some of my very favorite places and hang out with some great friends. I was actually ready to head back to work, until the next time my batteries need to a recharge!!!