Pretty Quiet Weekend

Well since it is Sunday night, I guess that means the weekend is just about over.
Since we started out this weekend with not many plans, it turned out to be a pretty quiet weekend, which is NOT a bad thing!

Patrick and I started off our Saturday morning with a trip to the dentist. Orginally I had an appt a couple of weeks ago but changed it to this past Saturday, without knowing Patrick had an appt too. Matter of fact until they called him on Friday, he did not remember he had a appt!! So it worked out nice. We both love our dentist, Dr.Jerry. Beside being really cute (and Asian!!), he is an excellent dentist. Patrick has been seeing him for years and when I needed a dentist after I moved here (and after an AWFUL ordeal with a diffent dentist) I started seeing him too.
We both went in for cleanings and I don't have to go back for several months, but Patrick was not so lucky,he has a chipped tooth and will be back in a couple of weeks.

Every three months we have to go down to the Outlet at Cabazon to visit our favorite
jewler, Janet. So we decided to go Saturday. Actually, we bought our Wedding rings from a Jewlery Store there and we have to take them in every 3 months to have them cleaned and the diamonds checked to make sure they are securely in their settings so the warranty on them stays current.
Since the store is a chain, we could actually take them to one closer to us but we have a very big loyalty to the manager of the store in Cabazon, Janet. Several years ago (9 to be exact) when Patrick and I were looking for engagement rings,
we went to several jewlery stores here in LA and were treated, how shall I say this?, badly. We had stores where no one would wait on us and in one store when the guy waiting on us found out the rings were for us,he just walked away and would not wait on us. So one weekend when Patrick was down in Palm Springs, we went to the Outlets to hang out. We passed the jewlrey store and decided to go in and see what they had.
Well guess what, they had just the ring we liked (Patrick had seen the ring in a store in LA and loved it). Janet came up and started talking with us and we immediately fell in love with her. She helpd us get our ring sizes right (since I had not idea what size I wore)and she ordered my ring since they had Patricks' size in the store. We thanked her for helping us and told her what bad experiences we had had. She could not believe it,but we are very glad we found her. She called me the next week when my ring came in and I went in and picked it up. One thing that has always surprised me. After the first time she helped us,it was several weeks before we were at the Outlets again, and immediately when we walked in she called out our names and came and gave us a hug. Through the years when ever we need some type of jewlrey, we go see Janet. When we had our Holy Union, we went to see her and she helped us choose our Wedding bands. A year of so later when we decided to upgrade out Bands to something with diamonds, we went to see Janet, and she helped up get the rings we have now. She has helped us pick our special gifts for different members of our family and friends. We have always stopped by to see her when we are in Palm Springs or just in the area. She is just a part of our extended family. We know her all about her daughter and grandkids.

Since we were down close to Palm Sprigs, we drove into Palm Springs and had lunch with one of my best friends, Gary and his partner Rick. Some of you may know then as
Goya and Eunice, yes they are the same people. Now if you find that strange, let me share something else with you. For those of you who know Goya and Eunice, I am known as Norma and so far Patrick is known as Missy. I am sure as time passed, Missy's name will change. It just a Gay think, ok? Anyway we visited with them and a nice lunch and then we headed to the Outlets. It was so over cast and gloomy here but it was beautiful clear sky and pretty warm in Palm Springs.

So after we left the Outlets we headed back to overcast and gloomy LA. The freeways we so packed coming home, it really surprised me. But we made it safely.

Today for me was pretty much a stay at home day. I actually never left the house
except to walk over to Patrick's parents a couple of times. I cleaned some around the house in the morning and just veged the rest of the day. I was a delightful day!!

Now on to the new week. As I was reading this afternoon the thought crossed my mind, "This is the last week I will be 55!!!!", next weekend I will be 56!!
Scary, very scary!!