It's The Times, They Are A Changing......

One of my favorite movies is "Hairspray" the 1988 version with the Drag Queen Divine in the role of Edna Turnblatt (not the new never version with John Travalota staring as Edna is not entertaining, I just prefer Divine!). There is one line in that movie that I have quoted many many times through the years, one that always makes me laugh. Edna is eating a big piece of pie and watching the news with her husband. On the news is a story about black teenagers trying to crash a party at an all white establishment. She turns to her husband and says "It's the times, they are a changing, pass me my diet pills will you dear"

I thought of this a couple of weeks ago when Patrick and I were taking the Niece and Nephew to Disneyland for the afternoon. We always have music playing when we are going anywhere in the car and sometimes some of us will sing to whatever song is playing. I was thinking of some of the trips I took with my family as I was growing up, especially my sister. A song would come on the radio while we were traveling along and we would always sing together with. Or sometimes we would just decide on a song and sing it acapella. Well this particular afternoon a song came on and we all immediately started singing, all four of us.....but it sure was not like any song I would have sang with my sister or my family as I was growing up...it was Lady Gaga's
Bad Romance....and the thing that surprised me the most....I knew just about every word!!! Yep it's the times, they are a changing.....

In case you have never had the opportunity to hear Lady Gaga's song or experience Gaga and only she can be...I thought I would share her Bad Romance video..and who knows...after you watch it a couple of times maybe you can join us on a little road trip sometimes and sing along with us!!! Just remember...never say never!!! LOL!

I LOVE me some Gaga!!