A Secret....

I am very blessed in my life with many things, one being the many people I have met along my way as I have traveled on my journey. But recently I got to thinking that with the many different people I call my friends, many of them have never met each other!! What I mean is, they all know me, but very few of them have ever met each other. They usually know who I am talking about when I mention someone by name, but they have no idea what they look like. At our Wedding a few years ago, (5 to be exact), was the first time I realized this. I had so many of my friends there, and when I had to start introducing them to each other, they would say, "I finally get to meet you, I have heard so much about you from Jaymes!) Each of you play a very important part in my life, and each of you know a little something about me that my other friends may not know. So I have decided to start a posting called "A Secret".
From time to time I am going to post something about me that all of my friends may not know. Some things may surprise some of you just because you have known me for a long time, and just never knew that "secret" about me. Now before a couple of you start really getting nervous and start sweating here, the things that we did and I promised NEVER to share with anyone and take them to my grave, those secrets are totally safe,those are not the kind of secrets I am talking about. ( You can relax now Trixie). So lets get started with the first one, ok?

Something many of you may not know about me is......I love to dance. See that is pretty simple, but how many of you have ever seen me dance? I am not talking ball room dancing here, althought when I was much younger I could waltz, jitterbug, and do the Texas two step with the best of them, but as with many things, when you don't practice you forget how to do them. So when I say I like to dance, I mean I like
to go a club with great music (I do miss Disco!) and shake my groove thing, ok!
Patrick and I have not gone out dancing in a very long time and we have been threatening to do just that. But let me tell you Honey, there was time when I was out every weekend,either in Palm Springs at Daddy Warbucks or CC Construction or in West Hollywood at the Rage and once I was on the dance floor, except to get drink or use the bathroom, I was on the dance floor!!

In the late 80's when I moved to California,there was a song that to this day is one of my favorites, it is "Never Can Say Goodbye" by the Communards. (Now many of you, very many I imagine, are saying" Who in the hell are they?"). I don't know what it is about this song but since the first time I heard it, it just makes me want to move!! Whenever I was at the Rage in West Hollywood and the DJ would see that I was there, I was guaranteed to be able to dance to the extended version! (No, I never did him any special favors to get him to do that but I sure would have if he would have asked!!!!!!) So to my many friends who have never heard one of my favorite dancing songs or seen the video...I dedicate this to you~

May I Introduce You To....Matt Alber

Patrick asked me if I had every heard of a Gay singer named Matt Alber, well I hadn't, he told me I would when I read the current Instinct Magazine. After I read the article I looked up his video on You Tube, and listened to it about 6 times in a row,it is awesome.So for those of you who have not heard of him either, may I introduce to you...Matt Alber.