Mikey Pod

Hey There, yes I am still alive and doing well, life has a way of getting in your way sometimes of the things you would really like to be doing, I have allot to catch you up on and some adventures to share with you and I promise to that very soon on here. I have been out having some fun times and I want to let you know what I have been up to!

But right now I want to introduce you to someone I think you will enjoy, his name is Mikey Pod!!! No, no not really...his name is Michael Harren and he as a great podcast that is called Mikey Pod. Now I first started listening to Mikey Pod about 3 years ago. I had just found out that there were several Gay podcasts on iTunes and it was through one of the podcasts I started listening to that I came across Michael.
To be really honest, Mikepod soon became my favorite podcast and has stayed in that spot ever since.

Mikey Pod is different from many Gay Podcast in that it is made up mainly of music
that Michael comes across from many different musicians and he shares that music with us through Mikey Pod. In his early podcasts Michael would do sound tours of different places in the area where he lived. But over time Mikepod has evolved
into mainly music and trust me, that is not a bad thing.

Michael and I became friends after I emailed him once and let him know how much I enjoyed the music he shared. I really enjoyed it because I was getting introduced to music I would not normally listen to and also learn of different musicians I have never hear of, and most likely would not have. From time to time we would start talking online and soon a nice friendship developed. A very close friend of his, Eve Beglarian, wrote and debuted a piece she had written for the LA Chorale and Symphony at the Walt Disney Concert Hall a few years ago. One day on his podcast Michael was telling us about this when all of the sudden he said on the air, "Wow, Jaymes in LA, you have to go see this!! I was actually driving to work when I heard him, so I got online when I got home and he was online and he gave me the info and I was able to get one of the last available tickets to the performance.
I was super excited because I was going to get to attend something at the Disney Concert Hall, I had not been there before, and I was going to be able to witness the debut of a major new work. I was in awe of the Concert Hall but I was totally
captivated by Eve's work. I would never have had this experience if it had not been for Mikeypod.

After my Mom passed away, I went through a period of time where I just sorta pulled inside myself, and I stopped listening to most of the podcasts I had listened to on a daily basis. I lost contact with many of my online friends because I just did not have it in my to keep up conversations when I was online. After a while things started easing up for me and my everyday life gradually got back to normal. But it had been many months since I had spoken with my online friends, to be honest I was really embarrassed that I had not done a better job of keeping up with them.
But once I got online again, Michael was "Hey long time not see", no questions or anything, he was just glad to see me again.

I really wish you would take time and listen to my buddy Mikeypod. Michael has a very interesting life story, he is a fellow Texan too, and trust me, he is very easy on the eyes!!!!!!

You don't have to have an iPod to listen to him, you can listen to him on his website also. Go over to http://mikeypod.com and give a listen, I know you probably won't like every song he shares with you, but I know there will be one or two that you will love!! Go on, give a listen, do yourself a favor and visit Mikeypod..
you might even end up having a new friend in New York City too!!


p.s. you can click on the link in the side bar and get to his site, go on...I dare you!!