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ok I warned you some are kinda stupid!!!!


A friend of mine introduced me something new online, and it is called Tumbler. Now this is certainly not new online but it is new to me. For those of you who may not know what Tumbler is, it is where people can start their on kinda of blog and the ones I have been introduced to are primarily made up of pictures people have or have found on the web and post on their tumbler blog. Now there are thousands of these tumbler blogs with pictures of just about anything and everything you can imagine. I have a couple that I frequent regularly that have all kinds of funny things posted, some are kinda stupid but they really strike me as funny. So from time to time I am going to share some of these with you, hopefully you will find them funny too!! Enjoy!

Staycation 2010

Alas, as I am sitting here writing this, my week off from work is coming to an end.
Today is Thursday and of course tomorrow is Friday and then the weekend. While we usually calls such breaks from work a Vacation, I tell every one I am taking a Staycation, but I am staying at home and not traveling anywhere. I have gotten a couple of weird looks (but honestly, I am used to getting weird looks)when I would tell someone I was excited about my upcoming Staycation. This is not my first Staycation, o no, I use to take at least one week of Staycation a year when I was living in Palm Springs. You see, I usually used one week, or at least a few days, of my vacation each year to go to Texas to see my family. That would leave me with one or two weeks left over to do something with. Usually I would take a week and just stay home and enjoy doing things around the city. I mean,I lived in Palm Springs!, the vacation capitol of Southern California!!

So a couple of months ago I realized I have accumulated 3 weeks of vacation time and
in just a few more weeks I would start accumulating 3 more weeks. I usually do not take much time off from my job, maybe a Friday here and there and a few days when Patrick take his vacation. I also realized that I was really getting tired, not your everyday work tired, but a deep down inside draing kinda tired you get when you work with the public over any length of time. As much as I love working with people, and consider myself a real people person, they can really drain the energy out of you.
So in May I told my Docs I was going to take this week off, I gave them 2 whole months to get use to the idea that I would not be in the office this week. They still kinda panicked the last Friday when I told them goodbye and I would see them
on the 28th. I have not gotten any texts of phone call so I guess they are
doing ok while I am away, but I am not kidding myself, I know I will have plenty to
do on Monday when I get there!!

But this week has really been a nice one. Patrick worked all week so I basicly had
the week to myself, which is what I really needed. Except for a couple of Doctor's appt during the week, I had no plans. And I kinda cheat with my days, I count the weekends too, so I actually had 9 days off which sound better in my mind than I am taking 5 days off!

So in the next post or two I will be sharing some of the highlights of my Staycation
I can honestly tell you I would recommend this to anyone, I feel more rested than I have in a long time. The hardest things I have really had to deal with is, not using
my time off to get things done around the house. I promised myself I would use this
week to do things for me and would do the projects I need to do around the house after this week is over. So far I have kept that promise but let me tell you....it has not been easy. lol!