Sickie Weekend

You all know the routine, you start out feeling a little achy and you try to ignore it thinking it will go away, then the area around your eyes and around your nasal cavity starts this tingling burning feeling and the next think you know, BAMM, you have a nasty head cold. Well I started the achy feeling mid afternoon on Friday and I really tried to ignore it, I had way too much to do this weekend to even think about getting sick. But by the time I fought my way though the Friday night traffic to get home ( have I mentioned here how bad the traffic has gotten again since gas prices have gone back down!!??), I just gave up and after dinner I went to bed hoping it was just an over night thing. WRONG! It did seem a little better Saturday and we ran around going some errands getting ready to start decorating both houses (ours and Patrick's parent's next door) for the Holidays.
Saturday night was my office Holiday Party at Il Moro ristorante. Every year the 3 doctors I work for take the staff and our significant others out to a really nice dinner at an upscale restraunt. We had a really nice time and I would recommend the place highly but be ready
to pay a little extra. This ain't Denny's!
So we got home around midnight and I went to bed thinking the head cold was on it way out, wrong again. Sometime during the night the Cold Fairy paid me a visit and put a double whammy on me. I woke up this morning feeling worse than I had all weekend. So much of the day I spent in bed and all the decorations are still in their boxes. We did manage to make it to Homo Depot and get our Christmas tree and one for his parents and the kids. They are both
really nice. At least we have something like 18 more days to Christmas, I am sure we can get them decorated before then.
So send me some positive energy and thoughts so I can beat this thing. I am very thankful that it has not gone into my chest but stayed in my head, but then, with as much empty space as I have up there, it could wander around a long time before it leaves!!


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