One Of The Best Times of My Life.....

I know we all have them, an event that has happened in our past that we think back on and say "Man that was one of the best times of my life." Hopefully, we all have several of those kinds of moments that were so special that when we think about them we are right there again, enjoying the time once again.

The picture you see today was taken of me back in 1987,January 4th to be exact. I know the date is correct because it was the day before I was leaving Wyoming to move to California. The picture was taken by my sister, Jean, on the backside of Casper Mountain. That is Muddy Mountain in the background. If you ever wonder where that one got its name, go over there after a rain storm or when the snow starts to melt, you'll know! Those of you who may not know or for those of you who knew but forgot, this is in Wyoming.

The town of Casper, Wyoming where we both lived sits at the base of Casper Mountain.Going up on the Mountain was a favorite thing for my sister and I do whenever we both had some free time to hang together. So we decided since it was my last day in Wyoming and our last time to hang out together there, we would head up to our favorite part of the Mountain to take picturs and spend some "us"time before I left the next day.

If you can not tell from the picture, there was ALOT of snow on the ground.This was January for pete's sake, EVERYTHING was covered in snow!! And you can tell from the way I am dress that it was VERY cold. Our favorite place to hang out was on the backside of the Mountain. The forest were beautiful and you could see over to Muddy Mountain and beyond. It was my favorite place to go and listen to it snow.
(Now for those of you who have never seen snow or been anywhere while it is snowing, snow really does not make any noise when it falls) You stand there at the edge of the woods and you look out over the unending landscape and all around in every direction, these large beautiful snowflakes are falling by the millions and all you can hear is the quietness all around you. It is truly a beautiful experience.

Now to get back to the day we were there. It was both a somewhat sad and happy day for us. Both of were a little sad that I would be moving away and at the same time happy that I was going on an adventure like I had never been on before. But regardless we were both in a super good mood and we are really crazy when we are together anyway. So we had taken several pictures all around the area and we decided to walk over across this little clearing to take a few more pictures, so my sister, being the brave soul that she is, takes out across the clearing and I was following a little ways behind her, walking in her footsteps. She was just talking away to me as she walked when all the sudden the ground beneath me gave way and I fell into the snow drift up to my arm pits. Now picture this, my body from my armpits down are in the snow and all that is sticking out are my arms, shoulders and my head. My arms are stretched out on both sides of me,I look like the letter "T" My sister
continues to walk away from me and when I got my senses back (ok, what little I have) I started yelling at her and she keeps talking and walking away. Then she turns around to tell me somthing and she is looking to where my head should be and
she stops and slowly looks down to where my heard actually is. We just looked at each other, neither of us saying a word and then we both start to giggle, and the giggles turn to laughter and then the laughter goes into crying while you are laughing and that gets so bad we both lose our breaths.
Thankfully, the drift was no deep and I was able to climb out (not sure I could do that now!) and she came over and helped me dust the snow off. We were both talking at the same time (something we still do to this day!) and everytime our eyes met we would start laughing again. This went on the rest of the day. We started making up funny things about what could have happened. We truly laughed about it the rest of the day. It was one of those special moments for both of us. To this day when one of us brings it up, we both start laughing all over again.


ps. Here's a little trivia for you, Casper Mountain is the only mountain in the US to run east to west, all the other mountains in the US run north to South. Thought you might want to know in case you are ever on Jeporady.

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