A Festive Kinda Day......

Well today was a day for celebration in our household,we had two holidays for us that just happened to fall on the same day this year...Valentine's Day AND Chinese New Year, so needless to say, we did us some celebrating today!!

I have to tell ya. I LOVE Chinese New Year. It has much more meaning to it then the traditional New Year's celebrations the world does every year. Of course I celebrate the traditional New Year with the rest of the world, but over the past few years,
celebratig Chinese New Year has become really important to me.

Since I have become apart of a Chinese family, I have been introduced to allot that has to do with the Buddhist religion. Patrick's parents are Buddhist and of course we share in all the special days of the year with them. Being raised a Baptist, this is a whole new world for me, one that I enjoy very much.

So starting last night (Saturday) we started celebrating the New Year with a special dinner, which included not only our family but our BFF Timmy. Last night was his 16th time to join the Lee Family in celebrating Chinese New Year Eve.

This morning we got up early and had a special breakfast together and then headed out to the 2 Buddhist temples the Lees attend. This is the really special part for me.
It is there that we burn incense and offer up our individual prayers at the beginning of the year. For me, it is a very moving experience.

After were finished at the Temples, we headed out for lunch and then home. So after we got home, Patrick and I got to celebrate the "other" holiday that was happening today....Valentine's Day!! We exchanged our gifts and then we celebrated another tradition we like on Chinese New Year....taking naps!!!!!

The weather today was just perfect. I even managed to take a nice long walk in the afternoon. It was a really nice day....and tomorrow back to the grind for me...Patrick and the kids have the day off to celebrate President's Day!!!!!


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