Like A Bear Coming Out Of Hibernation.....

I don't know about you but I am so glad that Winter is over and Spring is on it's way. Usually I enjoy the Seasons,but this Winter has been a little tuff for me.
Maybe it was because we had so many rainy days and many of the ones that were not rainy were dreary. I just don't do well when we have a few dreary days in a roll, seems to just drain the life out of me. These past few months have found me staying in doors way more than I normally do and going to sleep earlier. Last week I was
laying in bed reading some of my favor blogs on here and it hit me I have been like
an old bear hibernating in the Winter time....and I had to laugh. It is true!!
But now that the days are getting longer, thanks to Daylight Savings Time, (YEA!!!) I am feeling more energized and have already started making plans for some hikes on the coming weekends....so yea...I guess I am like an old bear coming out of hibernation, looking forward to the coming Spring and Summer days and getting out of my cave to explore the world around me and have some really fun adventures!!!!


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