A Weird Kinda Scary Feeling.....

So I am minding my own business,driving to work last week when something catches my attention on a side street as I pass by....now here in LA when you are driving anywhere in the City, ALOT of stuff catches your eye, trust me! But I passed whatever it was rather fast because the traffic on Melrose was moving along really nicely that morning. But whatever it was I thought I saw left me with an weird kinda scary feeling for a few moments. I decided that I would try and remember to pay more attention the next morning to see what it was that I thought I saw.

Well the next day I did remember to take notice and when I came to that part of my
drive, I slowed down just a little and I when I saw it, I knew why it left me with a weird scary feeling....it was a clown, not any clown but this clown......


Now truthfully, clowns do not usually bother me. I know some people are actually afraid of any kind of clown, but I can usually take them or leave them. But ever
since Stephen King's "It" came out, there are certain kinds of clowns that give me
the creeps....well like this one. Just the expression on his face and he is staring out into the traffic, watching us as we go by. But that expression combined with the
words..."Children's Hospital"....REALLY gives me the creeps. I am sure it is an advertisement for a TV show that is either on or will be coming on soon. And you can bet your money on it that is one I will not be watching!!

All I can hope is that they will paint over it soon with a different advertisment
for a different new TV show...maybe something with kittens.


ps...when I stopped the next day to take the pictures...yep I left my motor
running and the car door open....you just can't trust some clowns.


LisaNewton said...

OMG, you hit it right on the head with this clown. He is rather creepy. And what does a clown have to do with adult swimming?

mindful mule said...

Yeah, creepy. I think I hear circus music. Adult Swim is the tv channel/network that the show is on.

Timmy said...

Get ready to spend 4 hours on a bus with a clown on December 4th! :)