Things You May Not Know...and Really Don't Care To

I thought before I run very far with this thing, I would share some things about me that some of you may or may not know. Even thought my biological family all live in Texas (and Arkansas), my chosen family covers 9 different states, California, Oregon, Colorado, Wyoming,Texas, Arkansas,Georgia, Florida and Delaware! ( I almost said 10 states but one of them just moved back to Cali from Pennsylvania) The funny thing about my chosen family, even though they are each and everyone special to me, most of them have not met each other!! Each one has shared and continues to share an important part of my journey, and I don't know what I would do without any of them!

I was born in a small East Texas town called Silsbee. If you want to find that on a map, and I am sure many of you are rushing to get your maps out already, find Houston and then go just a short distance northeast, see that really tiny dot of on the map next to Kountze and Evadale?
Yep, that's Silsbee. Not to be confused with Fred or Spurger!! My Mom's name is Christine and my Dad is Frank. EVERYONE in Silsbee knew my parents. If I had a dollar for every time someone ask me "Your Frank's boy" or "Your Christine's son" aren't you, I could take us all out for dinner.(Honestly,this happened to me last year when I went back to visit)

I have an older sister, Jean and a younger brother, Steve (or Stevie by members of the immediate family). Now for those of you who are quick to figure things out, yes, I am
the middle child, that probably answers many questions already as to why I am like I am!

I lived my entire growing up life in Silsbee, attending Kirby Elementary, Silsbee Jr High and Silsbee High School (home of the fighting Tigers). I graduated in 1971. (for those of you doing the math all I can say it was way too long ago!)

My family was very active in Calvary Missionary Baptist Church from the time I was 14, until my Mom passed away year before last at the age of 88. For several years she was the oldest member of the Church. I attended Texas Baptist Institute and Seminary for two years and hold a Bible Language Degree from there.

I was married when I was 21yrs old and we were married for 10 years. I have 3 children, one who passed away when she was 8 months old. I have son (who is 30) and a daughter (who is 28). ( ok that probably shocked alot of you since I rarely speak of them)

I lived in Wyoming for year and half before I moved to California in 1987 (sometime I will share with you how I got to Cali). I lived in the Coachella Valley (Palm Springs area) for almost 16 years before I moved to Los Angeles ( still a shock to many to you that I did)

I did not come out publicly as a Gay Man until I was around 33, and then as my sister told me once, "when you came out of the closest you blew the hinges right off the door!.

It was not until I was 47 that I met the love of my life, Patrick, and meeting him has totally changed my world forever. We celebrated our 8th anniversary this past April. (No the Holy Union was only 4 years ago , May 2004)

Well that is just some things I wanted to share in case some of you did not know. If at anytime
you want to know anything about something I post about, just email me, I don't mind.

Ok, kids...I will be talking to you soon, in the next post I want to share with you about this past weekend when we were in VEGAS!!



Anonymous said...

Well this is new for me too. I am glad that you told me about it. I was just thinking, when you graduated, in 71, that I wasn't even around yet, and that I am now 36. OK enough for this round. Love you lots.
Mike Fontenot(fav nephew)

Anonymous said...

The middle child that explains so much.
Love your blog
~M~ in P.S. CA

DirtGirL said...

I love it! We dont talk much, but you are always on my mind. This blog will be a nice way to see how you are doing and whats happening in your life.By the way,,,you can add a state to your chosen family, as I am in Washington State! Love you a bunch
Kris xxxx