Vegas Bound

So this past Friday afternoon Patrick and I headed out of town for a couple of days, our destination.......VEGAS!!! Now since we have been together we have usually been able to make it to Vegas at least a couple of times year but with me starting a new job and alot other things that happened, I had not been to Vegas in over a year! Now let me say this, to us Vegas is a fun get away, we enjoy the drive and we enjoy running around seeing the different things one can only see in Vegas, not to mention shopping, laying by the pool and we do try and see one of the shows when we can afford it. Gambling is not big on my agenda, ok, I will admitt I like to play a roll of quarters in the slots while I am there, but once that is gone, my gambling is over, really!! It is just the feel of being in Vegas we really enjoy, and if you have not been fortunate enough to visit, plan on it sometime and you will see what I mean. And remember what they say, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas..yea well nothing has happened to us so far we can't talk about, but you never know when something will!!

Well once we got started it was easy to see we were not the only ones that decided to head down the 15 to Vegas that day....traffic was a little slow in places but once we got over the mountain pass, it went along rather nicely. We had an uneventful trip (thank goodness!) and made it to our Hotel around 11:00pm. Thanks to Patrick's cousin, we got a nice room at Harrah's and it had a pretty decent view too! On Saturday we actually slept in some and it was almost noon before we left the room. We headed over to Makino on Decatur Blvd for lunch, brunch or whatever you call it. We called it good sushi! A friend of Patrick's recommended it and we really enjoyed it
I honestly have not seen so many different kinds of sushi, and it was a buffett! I like me a buffett!! After we finished eating we went to a few different places taking in the sights.

One the we ALWAYS have to seen when we are in Vegas is the Atrium at the Bellagio. Always awesome and this time it was no different. Just beautiful. Afterwards Patrick dropped me off at the hotel so I could lounge a bit and he and his cousin went shopping, let me tell you something, those two know how to shop!!

That evening we went on over to Mandalay Bay to attend Tim McGraw's "Live Your Voice' tour concert. Now being raised in Texas everyone just assumes I have Country Music just running through my veins...WRONG! But there are several Country Artists I really do enjoy and our boy Tim is one of them. Besides having a great voice, the man is HOTT!! ok? He really did a great show, we both really enjoyed it.

After another late night on the town, ok honestly, after the concert was over at midnight, Patrick dropped me at our hotel and then went off to meet his cousins so they could gamble a little.I am not as young as I use to be and I do need my beauty rest.
On Sunday we had brunch at the Wynn and walked next door the check out the new Palazzo resort. It is huge!!... and pretty bland. We over heard one guy say "this looks like an airport"
It is big and spacious but did not do anything for us. Of course it is not completely finished yet so one can only hope they still have some color to add to it.

So it was getting late in the afternoon so reluctantly headed back to LA. We only made out
15 miles down Hwy 15 went all the traffice stopped, well all the traffic heading our way.So for the next 4 hours or so, we inched our way down the Hwy toward LA. We even stopped at the outlets at Stateline for a bit. So 4 hrs and 45 miles later (yes you read that right) we got to where the accident was. After that we sailed on down the freeway toward home, which was still another 4 hours away. Needless to say, we were tired when we got home. Thankfully I was off on Monday but my poor Patrick had to work. I drove home and he was able to get some shut eye along the way. I will not even go into how snappy two very tired people can get under search circumstances, we will just leave that alone!

But over all, we really had a nice get away, and are already thinking about when we can go back!

later kids!!

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